Spare parts for Chess Computers
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   Some way to find replacement parts.

Are you looking for an instruction manual ?
   Some usefull links:

      - Manuals of Saitek & Mephisto games
      - Instructions for Novag games
      - Instructions for the Millennium (Orion etc) games.
      - Instructions for the Lexibook games.
      - Instructions for Excalibur Chess games and others (by
      - The support site of RadioShack / Tandy
      - The documentations page of Alain Zanchetta' site: a mine of user manuals for old chess computers.

   If you can not find the manual on line, you can send a mail to the manufacturer. If they still have it, they will probably send you a copy.

Are you looking for a missing part (for instance a lost pawn) ?
   You can also write to the manufacturer if it still exists.
   There are also spare parts available at (online shop / computer) - especially nice and cheap magnetic wooden parts for Mephisto Exclusive or other.

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